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The 14th Is Clear(Comments Off on The 14th Is Clear)

The constitution is very clear, the validity of our debt “shall not be questioned.”. Bush and the GOP controlled Congress cut taxes and gave us two wars plus prescription drugs for seniors, all of which John Boehner and friends all voted for. Now they don’t want to pay the bill? The hypocrisy of the Republican […]

Revenue Problem(Comments Off on Revenue Problem)

Terrific graphic in today’s Times pA14. Total debt = $14.3B. Of that, only 1.0 was in place when Reagan took office. Since then GOP presidents have added $9.5B, Dems just $3.8b, or 2.5 to 1. Who owns the debt? $6.2B is, in fact, held by various parts of the federal government — Social Security trust […]


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